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Service Shark field service management app helps small home service businesses track jobs and communicate with customers.

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Efficient Service Management Software

Our app streamlines work orders, dispatches technicians, and tracks assets effortlessly. Say goodbye to manual processes and embrace efficient service management.

Streamlined Work Orders

Service Shark simplifies work order management, ensuring organization and customer satisfaction while reducing errors.

Seamless Dispatch

Our advanced software optimizes route planning and technician dispatching, boosting productivity and saving time and resources.

Mobile Workforce Management

Access information and complete tasks on the go, staying connected and responsive to customer needs.

Superior Service Scheduling

Ensure prompt service with intelligent scheduling, minimizing delays and maximizing resource utilization for top-tier customer satisfaction.

Field Service Automation

Experience streamlined processes, reduced errors, and improved accuracy with Service Shark, revolutionizing field service management.

Make operations more efficient

Get helpful ingredients to improve the process from start to finish.

Start from one point

Stay organized and on top of the workload

Avoid double booking

Keep your daily availability up-to-date

Save each minute

Use invoice templates to speed billing process

Look to the future

Arrive at the designated location on time

Do you own a home service business?

Service Shark can be a valuable investment to make your life easier and supercharge the bottom line.

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